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New technical solution for trustbox

trustbox will be equipped with a new technical solution in the coming months.
There may be changes for you as a user.





69'132 products
387 suppliers
156 data users

trustbox from GS1 Switzerland is the largest  and most cost-effective platform for the exchange of trustworthy, up-to-date and complete consumer-relevant product information in Switzerland.

​trustbox - for declaration to work




Food producers

& importers





information centres

Publication of actual product data and pictures

All trade partners/customers accessible via one platform

Direct access to all customers and consumers

Manual or automated collection of product data

Unique data collection and provision in a central database

Identification of the products by the GTIN used worldwide

Quality assurance with Data Quality Checker

No changes of the data

Trustworthy, up-to-date and complete product information from all suppliers available

No own recording activities

Fulfils the requirements of the new Swiss food legislation

Information available Online and on Mobile Devices

Trustworthy, up-to-date and complete information such as ingredients and allergens at a glance

Transparent and neutral information platform without advertising and comparisons



January 23, 2023

firstbase healthcare online

Together with representatives from the healthcare industry, GS1 launched the "firstbase healthcare" data exchange platform. A groundbreaking signal for the entire industry for the exchange of master data between manufacturers in the medtech industry and service providers.


October 18, 2022

New image specification from GS1 Switzerland

A new image specification was developed together with the master data specialist group, which is based on the global specification and meets the needs of trade and industry in Switzerland. This is currently intended for product images in the food sector.

Richter und Hammer

April 22, 2021

Information letter with recommendations from the FSVO

Various information letters clarify food law provisions and show you how these are interpreted by the FSVO and cantonal chemists. For example, information on the country of production or origin or the declaration of prepackaged food.

NutriScore Logo.jpg

4th January 2020

Nutri-Score in trustbox

Nutri-Score is a voluntary food label by the producers. It shows how well a product is composed on a scale from A to E. trustbox enables the publication of the Nutri-Score including the related information.


January 9, 2023

trustbox 2nd gen as part of firstbase

With firstbase, GS1 Switzerland has launched a master data platform which  enables trade and industry to use master data exchange according to their needs. It started with trustbox 2nd Gen, before the GDSN data pool will also go live in Q2 2023.


September 5, 2022

New technical solution for trustbox

trustbox from GS1 Switzerland will be equipped with a new technical solution in the coming months. GS1 Switzerland takes care of the transfer of the existing data. For you as a trustbox user, there may be gradual changes from October 2022. 


August 24, 2020

Beelong Eco-Score

The Eco-Score rates food according to the origin of the ingredients, modes of transport, animal welfare, biodiversity, threatened species, degree of processing, CO2 equivalence, water consumption and pollution, land use, seasonality, the company's sustainability policy or packaging


1st October 2019

From the piece to the box

A product is not just a product. You may want to find out about the allergens in the product. Others need the dimensions of the box for logistical purposes. trustbox offers the possibility to publish and link these different product hierarchies.


October 26, 2022

New IP address in trustbox data exchange 

On Sunday, November 20th, 2022, trustbox will move to a new data center. Accordingly, companies that exchange data via an interface must use the new IP address from this point in time.


May 19, 2021

Mobile optimized (MRHI) images in trustbox

The Mobile Ready Hero image was specifically designed to be used for mobile viewing. The MRHI is greatly simplified compared to the classic product image of the consumer unit: it is reduced to the representation of the core product features and properties:


4th March 2020

MIGROS wants trustbox

In the future, Migros suppliers will have to provide product information for branded products electronically. Migros attaches great importance to data quality, legal compliance and completeness of the information.


17th June 2019

Networking of different data pools

Roaming between providers has long been the biggest issue in mobile telephony. This is also essential in the exchange of product master data for the maximum benefit of all involved. trustbox is systematically committed to networking all providers in the Swiss market.



Data providers

Data processors



FullSizeRender_goepf lanz.jpg

Goepf Lanz

«trustbox is a strategic element of our digital supply chain to provide our customers and consumers with even more up-to-date and detailed information about our products.»


Darya Moser

Digitization is also an important topic for our cheese dairy. We have been making the product information for our soft cheese specialties available to our customers on trustbox for years. In this way we ensure that the data is available at all times and is always up to date.

ET1215571x_3072pix (00000003).jpg

Thomas Gisler

“If more suppliers use trustbox, even more retailers will choose trustbox. In this way, the effort involved in managing product master data can be massively reduced.”


Andrea Fisher

Ferrero makes the product information available to its customers in Austria via the GDSN solution from GS1 Austria. Thanks to the connection that trustbox has with the GDSN data pools, our product data can also be used by customers in Switzerland, very conveniently and without any additional work.



trustbox from GS1 Switzerland is the largest and most cost-effective platform for the exchange of trustworthy, up-to-date and complete product information in Switzerland.

trustbox - so declaration works