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Product master data are the basis for correct and high-quality applications and solutions.

trustbox offers you current, high-quality and secure product master data - so that your app delivers reliable results.


trustbox - The source for secure and up-to-date product information in your apps and solutions

The listed food producers produce high quality products. For all these products, however, current, secure and complete product information in the digital environment is of the highest priority. And it is essential that companies that offer services based on product information also work with correct and up-to-date data. To ensure this, the companies publish the relevant information on GS1 Switzerland's trustbox and also expect it to be obtained from there.

What does that mean for you?

You should get the product master data from trustbox promptly and then use it in your apps or solutions. Daily updates ensure that you always have the latest product information, which comes directly from the manufacturer, the distributors or the brand owners.

What are the advantages for you?

  • You get the specification / declaration of most foods from a single place.

  • Correct information / results are displayed in your apps / solutions.

  • The information on the products is up-to-date, complete and secure at all times.

  • There is no need to request new, current product information from suppliers.

  • All information is in the same format.

  • Data from GDSN or xyxle can also be obtained in trustbox.

  • Further product groups will be added in a next release.


Valued providers of mobile apps and solutions

We go to great lengths to ensure that our business partners, authorities, consumers and you have access to current, high-quality product information at all times. In addition to the general descriptions, we ensure that nutritional values, allegens, images, nutritional information, labels and much more information are available in the best possible quality.

However, we also expect all companies that publish information about our products to use this data. Because in many cases it concerns health-related information which must comply with the new food legislation.

We ask you to use the product information provided by us in the future to ensure that our products are listed correctly and in accordance with the law in your apps and solutions.

You can obtain this product information directly from trustbox and use it in your solutions.

Please fill out the form below, in which you tell us by when you will implement the data acquisition from trustbox.

Thank you for working with us to ensure correct data.

The manufacturers listed.

Emmi Switzerland AG

Emmi, Micao, Kaltbach, Comella, Mevgal, Gala, YoQua, Caffé Latte, Energy Milk, Benecol ...

Hug Family AG

Hug, Bio-Familia, Dar Vida, Chocoly, Wernli ...


Ben & Jerry's, Kinder, Knorr, Lipton, Bertolli, Lukull, Aromat, Maizena, Chirat, Magnum, Hellmann's ...

Aggarwal AG

Guinnes AG, Tropical Foods Co. Inc, Renuka Agri Foods Plc, AB World Foods Ltd.

Camille Bloch SA

Ragusa, Torino,

Zwicky AG


Nestlé Suisse SA

Cailler, Perrier, Kitkat, Thomy, Maggi, Granini, Vittel, Nesquik, Lion, Leisi, Buitoni, Henniez ...

Wander AG

Ovomaltine, Caotina, Twinings, Isostar, Modifast, Reber, Dawa, Jemalt

Hügli Nutrient AG

Hügli, Supro


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We are happy to meet this sensible customer need and will obtain the master data from trustbox.

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We are not interested in using legally compliant, correct and current data in our solutions.

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The ordinances of the new food legislation for declarations in online trade or in open sales are in force. More and more companies are confronted with different statements regarding the exchange of master data.

The revision of the food law brings improvements for consumers in the following areas, among others:

  • The main premise: Protection against consumer deception

  • Comprehensive information on groceries sold online;

  • Increased transparency in the indication of the country of production of food and the origin of the raw materials used;

  • Declaration of allergens also in the open sale;

  • General obligation to make a nutrition declaration.

Various solutions for the exchange of product information or declarations are currently in use in Switzerland: proprietary databases, dealer portals or data pools based on global GS1 standards.

With trustbox, GS1 Switzerland offers the only Swiss not-for-profit solution with which the legally required product information on food can be exchanged quickly, easily and inexpensively - always up-to-date, complete and secure.

trustbox is the solution with the largest number of data suppliers and users. In addition, trustbox is networked with a variety of other solutions, such as GDSN (Atrify, GloLIB, Equadis, GS1 Sync ...), xyxle, HCI-Solutions (pharmacies and drugstores) as well as various solutions from the food service.

More and more companies are constantly deciding to no longer exchange different Excel tables or master data sheets, but to use a single source. You will find a selection of trustbox customers at the end of this message.

We recommend that you deal with this topic as soon as possible, as the preparatory work in particular should not be underestimated.


trustbox offers a wide range of options for the publication or acquisition of master data

  • Manuel recording

  • Data delivery via sFTP or AS2

  • Data delivery via xyxle

  • Data delivery via GDSN (e.g. Atrify, Equadis or GloLIB)

  • free app "trustbox-swiss"

  • free query at www.trustbox.swiss

  • Data retrieval via sFTP, AS2 or SOAP

  • Data acquisition via HCI Solutions

  • D ata in menu calculation tools such as Calcmenu, Pauli's, Necta etc.


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