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GS1 Switzerland offers interested companies the opportunity to fall back on a pool of accredited service providers. These service providers go through an accreditation process from GS1 Switzerland, in which the competencies in the corresponding disciplines must be shown.


CALCMENU Web is a web-based recipe management system for the management and standardization of content including cost calculation, nutritional value calculation and printing of recipes, menu cards and much more. Tools for printing labels, creating digital menu cards and menu plans ensure that the host can take care of his guests.

And thanks to the integration of the nutritional information from the Swiss nutritional database, USDA, CNF, as well as the integration of the product declarations from trustbox, secure, complete and high-quality calculations can only be carried out.


EGS Enggist & Grandjean Software SA

Route du Pierre-à-Bot 92

2000 Neuchâtel

Marc Enggist


Tel. +41 22 819 07 40

CBT Software AG

CBT Software AG is a general contractor in the IT sector for the vegetable and food trade. Our approx. 100 customers in this area are producers, trade, import, processors and retailers. CBT Software AG operates, among other things, the purchasing platform for Coop (vegetables, organic vegetables, berries

CBT Software AG

Rickenbacherstrasse 29

4460 Gelterkinden

August Wick


Tel. +41 61 981 25 33

CSB-System AG Switzerland

CSB-System offers innovative, industry-specific software solutions for the entire operational and strategic corporate management and control. Through the company-wide process optimizations that are implemented with the integrated ERP solution, CSB-System supports its customers in achieving their growth targets through increased efficiency and improved profitability.

Since the company was founded in 1977, CSB-System AG has developed into an important IT company whose industry-specific business IT solution is successfully used by over 1,600 companies in more than 30 countries around the world.

CSB-System AG

Gäustrasse 52

4703 Kestenholz

Otto Hunziker


Tel. +41 62 289 89 89

Descartes STEPcom AG

Descartes STEPcom AG is the specialist for the exchange of high-quality article master data between trading partners. The company already has extensive know-how in the B2B area. Expect Swiss thoroughness, efficiency and customer friendliness.

From the manufacturer to the supplier to the retailer - thanks to Descartes' services, the entire supply chain acts according to the contemporary needs of the market. Consumers are demanding more and more detailed information. Online shops always need better and always up-to-date master data including images.

Meet today's needs and get ready for tomorrow's expectations. With Descartes STEPcom as a strong partner at your side.

Descartes STEPcom AG

Habich-Dietschy-Strasse 9A

4310 Rheinfelden

Marcel Hangartner


Tel. +41 61 835 30 40

Equadis SA

Equadis SA est une société Suisse crée en 1999, based in Genève. Nous avons plus de 15 ans d'éperience dans la gestion, le traitement et l'échange de données produits, sur le réseau GDSN. Nous sommes experts en dévelopmenent de système de gestion de l'information produit (PIM), certifiées GS1.

Aujourd-hui, près de 600 clients industriels nous font confiance et échengent leurs informations "produits" avec l'industrie de la grande consommation, et leurs partenaires, en utilisant notre plateforme comme leur solution prifiligée.

Equadis SA

46 avenue Cardinal-Mermillod

1227 Carouge-Genève

Ghislain Esquerre


Tel. +41 22 819 07 40

Nutri-Science GmbH

PRODI @ Swiss is the comprehensive organization software from Nutri-Science GmbH to support nutritional advice and nutritional therapy in the calculation of nutritional protocols, recipes and menu plans as well as the documentation of advisory activities. The software can be used, for example, to calculate the nutritional values ​​of dishes for the hospital kitchen.

NutriGuide @ Swiss is the nutritional value calculation program from Sutri-Science GmbH that supports you quickly and easily with nutritional advice as well as with the calculation of recipes, menu plans or nutrition logs.

Nutri-Science GmbH

Jacobistrasse 39

D-79104 Freiburg

Tobias Grallert


+47 7931 969 99 11

Pauli's Kitchen Solutions

Your software for optimal catering processes

Calculation, order management and delivery service, production planning, warehouse management and inventory: the catering software Pauli's Kitchen Solution from Optisoft GmbH covers entire processes. Developed in close cooperation with our customers, it will continue to be further developed in a practice-oriented manner. Digitize your processes. Pauli's Kitchen Solution makes it easier for you to use your resources and infrastructure optimally, to meet the declaration requirement and to keep track of all processes.

Pauli's Kitchen Solution

Optisoft GmbH

Talstrasse 31

7270 Davos Platz

Oriano Donati


Tel. +41 81 420 81 90


PROFFIX is real Swiss SME software that was developed by experienced finance and IT specialists for the needs of the many SMEs in Switzerland. With PROFFIX, all business processes of a company can be controlled via a central database. The SME software is industry-independent, has a modular structure and offers an attractive price-performance ratio.

The master data and packaging levels according to the GS1 standard can be maintained in the PROFFIX article and warehouse management in the familiar environment. With the help of integrated interfaces, the data is exchanged with trustbox from GS1 Switzerland.


Bahnhofstrasse 17a

7323 Wang

Patrick Maeder


Tel. +41 81 710 56 00

Service Management Partners AG

SensoPLUS Tool is a software solution that was designed for quality assurance, development and marketing of companies that deal with or produce food or near-food. With SensoPLUS Tool, a structured database is available for the acquisition, storage and analysis of product data and evaluations. Reports and functions that are specifically designed for trade and production make daily work with product data and evaluations easier. SensoPLUS Tool QS has unique features, especially for sensory evaluation, which set this software apart from the competition.

Service Management Partners AG

Industriestrasse 16

6300 train

Robert Lobmaier


Tel. +41 41 710 71 61

smartTONi SA

smart toni digitizes the production processes in the food and thereby makes the kitchen production agile.

smartTONi automates purchasing, supports production through coordination and individual support for employees in all of their tasks, and provides the service area with information about nutrients, waiting times and tips and sales potential.

smartTONi is the solution for people who want to implement a standardized gastronomy concept or for people who want to scale one.

smartTONi SA

Avenue d'Ouchy 4

1006 Lausanne

Lorenz Bertschi


Tel. +41 79 514 76 00

Stämpfli AG

Stämpfli AG


3001 Bern


Elmar Eichmann


Tel. +41 44 309 90 91

Standpunkte GmbH

OPTIpin is the recipe management for bakeries, pastry shops and other companies in the food industry. OPTIpin automatically creates a legally compliant declaration based on the recipes and raw materials used. OPTIpin identifies the ingredients and allergens that determine the value. In addition, the nutritional values ​​are calculated.
For the calculations, OPTIpin relies on extensive nutritional value databases from BLS, Pistor, BÄKO and Netupdate.
In addition to the interface to Trustbox, OPTIpin has interfaces to various price labeling scales, label printers and the industry software programs TURBOback and OPTIback.
Bakery businesses receive an all-round carefree service from Standpunkte. On request, we can create product declarations and upload them directly to the Trustbox.


Kesse 14

LI-9488 Schellenberg

Richard Schwimbersky


Tel. +41 81 511 0344

Swiss Food Quality Business AG

Swiss Food Quality Business AG

Thurgauerstrasse 40

8050 Zurich


Michael. E. Kampmann

Tel. +41 78 668 60 44

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