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Please send us the master data / declarations of your products. But not as Excel or PDF, but digitally via trustbox from GS1 Switzerland.

You can do this directly via trustbox or with solutions such as xyxle or a GDSN data pool (Atrify, Equadis or GloLIB).


migrolino relies on trustbox

The new regulation of the Food Act is not just a challenge for us. New regulatory requirements, retailer requirements, consumer needs or digitization also bring many new challenges for you. At the same time, it also creates many new opportunities

We have decided to take a big digital step and will make the product information available to our customers electronically, always up to date and in maximum quality. The ideal solution for us for exchanging product information is trustbox from GS1 Switzerland.

We therefore also need the product information for your products in trustbox.

What does that mean for you?

From now on you can publish the product master data in trustbox and make it available there not only to us, but to all of your customers. You can do this directly via trustbox or via solutions such as xyxle or a GDSN data pool such as Equadis, Atrify or GloLIB from Contentis.

What are the advantages for you?

  • You publish the specification / declaration of all your products in one place.

  • All your customers can get the product information there.

  • The information on your products is always up-to-date, complete and secure.

  • You have full control over the information on your products.

  • There is no need to fill out and send a wide variety of declaration sheets.

  • All information is in one central and neutral place.

  • You have the option to publish your product master data directly in trustbox. If you are already using another data pool, you can use this to publish it to trustbox.


Please let us know how you have decided so that we can tackle the next steps with you. Of course, we or our partner, the trustbox team from GS1 Switzerland, are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Many Thanks!


The ordinances of the new food legislation for declarations in online trade or in open sales are in force. More and more companies are confronted with different statements regarding the exchange of master data.

The revision of the food law brings improvements for consumers in the following areas, among others:

  • The main premise: Protection against consumer deception

  • Comprehensive information on groceries sold online;

  • Increased transparency in the indication of the country of production of food and the origin of the raw materials used;

  • Declaration of allergens also in the open sale;

  • General obligation to make a nutrition declaration.

Various solutions for the exchange of product information or declarations are currently in use in Switzerland: proprietary databases, dealer portals or data pools based on global GS1 standards.

With trustbox, GS1 Switzerland offers the only Swiss not-for-profit solution with which the legally required product information on food can be exchanged quickly, easily and inexpensively - always up-to-date, complete and secure.

trustbox is the solution with the largest number of data suppliers and users. In addition, trustbox is networked with a variety of other solutions, such as GDSN (Atrify, GloLIB, Equadis ...), GS1 Sync, xyxle, HCI-Solutions (pharmacies and drugstores) as well as various solutions from the food service.

More and more companies are constantly deciding to no longer exchange different Excel tables or master data sheets, but to use a single source.


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