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Annual fee for using trustbox from GS1 Switzerland

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One-time costs

  • One-time activation fee                                                                         CHF 75.00
    M anual entry in the trustbox.inclusive online solution

  • One-time activation fee for automated data exchange (up- or download) of the trustbox-XML   CHF 500.00
    or -json files via the communication channels provided by GS1 Switzerland
    (Also applies to: "data supplier GDSN").



  • The total turnover of the company is used to determine the turnover category. GS1 Switzerland reserves the right to check the information provided.

  • If you are already working with a GS1 certified GDSN data pool (GloLIB, Equadis, Atrify, etc.), you can send your data directly from GDSN to trustbox. The price "Delivery GDSN" corresponds to half of the trustbox usage fee "Delivery Complete".

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